23 October 2014

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Check out how many of these edible fruits Lee will be showcasing are NATIVES... The Connecticut Horticultural Society meeting is tonight at 7pm. Come help us celebrate our new Horticultural Scholarship winners (4 will be present) and our past recipients (at least 9 will be present) as they share experiences with us... Check our our fall bulb sale... (White Flower Farm donations of spring blooming bulbs); Renew your membership (or start a new one); Find a book from our Library (that you can borrow for the next month); Check out Lee Reich's books for purchase and have him personalize and sign your purchase; Lee will have samples of several of his featured fruits for us; and members will have brought in plants and garden goodies for our pre-meeting raffle and auction.... It will be busy and exciting... Come early, join us for coffee, tea, snacks and conversation.. doors open at 6:45... details at end of shared post...

3 March 2017
Hardy Plant Society of New England  Connecticut Chapter

Hardy Plant Society of New England Connecticut Chapter

Tomorrow... Don't miss it!!!  Fantastic speakers  & SOUPS !!!

30 January 2017
Native Plant Gal

Native Plant Gal

Help Native Plant Gal out...  Take her native plant survey...

3 October 2016

Pan's Acres Nursery, LLC shared Connecticut College Arboretum's event.

3 October 2016

Pan's Acres Nursery, LLC shared Connecticut College Arboretum's event.

28 September 2016

Pan's Acres Nursery, LLC shared Eden's Natives Nursery's event.

29 June 2016

Even though we are not in business anymore, I would like to leave this Facebook page open for folks to share any green plant stories or events that they would like to share.. thank you, Denise Ciastko.

1 June 2016

This past spring my native plant nursery, Pan's Acres Nursery LLC closed it's doors.  However a very large new door opened  simultaneously in Vermont, where I am currently working. The Nursery has a great reputation, Dan Redondo is a fantastic and...  

Vermont Wetland Plant Supply, LLC

27 April 2016

Here is a chance to hear Pamm Cooper as she shows us what plants to use to attract pollinators to our garden.... Tonight... Wethersfield, Connecticut...
So... what pollinators do you want?
Native bees to increase your crop yield? Learn more about...  


Pan's Acres Nursery, LLC

7 March 2016

Giving away Nursery pots, 1, 2, 3, 5,7,10,15 gallons! just call !!

26 October 2015
Bat Conservation International

Bat Conservation International

Cute !!